Thursday, 10 November 2011

Critical's War (Day 6)

Day 6 of Critical's War on Terror

As you'll see from pic 3, quite a few glyphs were able to get "reset" back up to a high price. At the same time because its midweek, herb prices are shite. So, a slight change of plan. Critical is breaking out ... TRIPLE WALLS YEA BABY YEA!

Plan? Let the glyphers fight it out below my lowest wall (25g) and slow down my own sales rather than sell sell sell and have to replenish stock with medium/expensive herbs. Have enough liquid gold (approx 10k) to be able to snatch up a truckload of cheap herbs when they pop up (maybe this weekend). Then squash mass herbs and then BOOYA crash the price down to 16 or below again for fun and gigs.

AFK clear mails.

5 days of sales.

Hmmm a few regulars popping up, and quite a few holes.
Time for a strat change.

Cancel everything.

Send income to Buyer.

Check herb prices.
Sit down and plan out posting strat.

Settle on going with triple walls: 3 x 3 prices

Just in time!

Should be around 2844, probably TUJ hasnt seen the
last few auctions yet.

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