Saturday, 26 November 2011

Dear Foo, Mox and Brent ...

After another dumb argument Critical finally realizes: No one method is best. Yes yes it sounds strange for Critical to admit his methods are not best. Ya'll finally got it out of me.

Our arguments are almost as lame as arguing that Rook to e4 is a bad move (or good). We shouldn't be saying, this strat wouldnt work against me so thumbs down. It is true most straight forward strats wont work against us because we're very experienced pro glyphers who have done glyphs for years over multiple patches and expansions. We are very good at implementing very complex strats and fine tuning on the fly very fast.

We should instead be assessing why the strat topic at hand, is a good strat (or bad) and what might its strengths and weaknesses be, and/or what are possible counters.

I believe (well I hope anyway) our readers are more interested in this sort of discussion than the argy bargy I'm right your wrong arguments we always get caught up in.


  1. I have always agreed that there are different strategies.

    So, ....

    You can earn gold without dominating your market?

    Now lets see how far I can push it; co-operation might even sometimes work?

  2. Co-operation does work. A simple price matching agreement is all it takes. No other rules, just whitelist each other. It's easy and it works.

  3. Agree.

    Co-op....can work very very well. I use it in the JC market.

  4. I dont mean to be the a-hole of the group but....
    I have no interest in cooperation. I prefer to dominate the market and crush my competition.

    It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

    ~~C. Sheen~~

  5. Hmm.. haven't tried to co-op with anyone yet; might be worth a shot. However, I do believe I found a supplier for whiptail through trade. He was barking about selling in bulk and the price was good enough for me to ask 'what are we talking about here', he replied 30-40 stacks. I said I'll take it all if he can cod one of my alts; alas he wanted the cash now and I thanked him for his time. But, then I decided to give him an offer, if he has any trouble finding buyers in the future, you can cod up to 100 stacks to the alt. He seemed to like that approach and asked if I wanted to do that tomorrow (100 stacks in cod). Of course! And he now knows that if he's ever having a slow day, he'll send cod items. It's a beginning so we'll see how it works out. Sorry, this is a little off topic but wanted to write it anyway. Basically, just because the current deal is not good, it may be worth offering your purchasing services via cod.

  6. "Critical's War" is good stuff by the way. I don't think there's one set pattern that works with glyphs. It's rather a mix of strategies depending on how the enemy moves. The parts I always hated about glyphs was making the inks and getting the mail. Some other parts also sucked, but not as badly.

    At times it's fun trying to milk as much as possible with a few others that know how to price high. Other times it can be just as fun to waste time waging war.

    I never cared for beating any competition that was below me, it was the glyph masters on Horde side that I wanted to get at, with more or less success and with more or less dedication depending on what I was into.

    If I were to return Glyphs would likely be my number one AH PvP market. The challenge would lie in undercutting vs time efficiency and since I have less time than ever it would be an interesting endeavour. But for how long? The game bores me so much faster now :(


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