Monday, 21 November 2011

Critical's Apology

There is no way that you can outrage an entire community and not be wrong. Hence upon hours of reflection please find below final closing remarks relating to my last post.

In response to Apple Cider's comments, firstly I would like to thank you for the polite and rational way you commented on here on the very first day, and secondly thank you for taking the time to respond to Nick's questions in depth. I would like to offer a public apology to you and your readers. Your comments are correct and the comments of mine that you highlighted, yes were not well thought out. I am not a rape victim and have/had no right to make those statements. It is not appropriate to delete said comments as if they were never written hence this retraction and apology. I hope you accept.

To the sponsors and supporters of White Ribbon and the Wow White Ribbon team: it was not my intention to make light of this worthy cause. For stealing limelight from the hard work you have put into pulling it off I apologize. That was not my intention at all and I hope you will accept my sincere apology.

To the real person behind Alyzande: It may be too little too late and not welcome, but I do wish you well and a speedy recovery.

To my Critical Fans, I appreciate your small notes of support. I know how hard it was to post those in the presence of an angry mob. I bounced between "screw this, this isnt fun" and the opposite many times during the last few days. Without your support this would have become a very quiet and dead blog.

Lastly thank you Reader for reading. Whoever/whichever group you are.


  1. You shouldn't have apologized. None of those asshats proved beyond a reasonable doubt that this, in fact, occurred. The link to the article in the austrian times did not prove squat. I could've claimed it was me that it was written about.

    1. I hope you are raped one day.

  2. Haha, and I see you already have a comment saying you shouldn't have apologized. Bottom line Critical is you can't please everyone. Everyone thinks they know what you should do and none of them will agree. I ran into it early on and it frustrated me a lot.

    Eventually I learned the important rule for sincere blogging: Just stay true to the way you feel and don't post something, retract something etc. just because you think people want to. And don't apologize for something that you're not truly apologetic for just to save face. Not that I'm saying that's what's happening here, just saying, don't sell out. ;P Keep writing!

  3. I agree with Faid. It is impossible to please everyone. The Internet is without face or identity. People can say anything and one person can have several persona's. This can be a no win situation. Write in what you believe in. Controversial articles need additional support/proof.

  4. I'm glad this is closing. Really would like to see the glyph posts come back to life along with the 'older posts' indexed again.

  5. When it comes down to it the level of scamminess/IRL goblineering in the gold community had reached a critical point which I presume had become too much to allow Critical to take posts like TGQs recent one at face value. All of the points he brought up in his original post - really every single one - weren't unfounded, as far as his suspicions go... He just had the guts to say it and I guess he suffered the public wrath for saying what no other blogger might have also thought but didn't say. Anyways Critical your blog is solid material, different from lot's of other blogs out there, I hope you persevere with this and don't let this become a stumbling block to you.

  6. It happens, we all learn from it. I've know I've done things on the Internet that I regret or wish I thought through better.

    For Mr. Anonymous above, here is your proof.

    If you can't read the document then too bad, get it translated for you.

    I just wanted to point out that the White Ribbon - Heart of Gold campaign that we ran between gold forums and blogs got noticed by the official White Ribbon organization.!/whiteribbon

    I think a good point is proven here, between Gevlon, JMTC, Cold, etc - getting your blog involved negatively in the goings on of another blog or community just isn't a good idea.

    You are good about writing about glyphs and the usual content of your blog. Stick with that and things will go great.

  7. Props for understanding an apology was probably a good idea in this case.

    It takes fortitude to deal with something like this in a forthright manner and I think people who read through the situation will understand and respect you for it even if they don't agree completely.

    To me your blog has always been about learning the glyph markets and I'll continue to read for that type of high quality information.

    Also I consider you a good person. Never shy about tussling it up (usually in character)if needed but still a good person. The community needs good people.

  8. I am happy to hear you will continue to blog, Cal.

  9. You have nothing to apologize for. Considering her blog behaviour and who she aligns herself with on the net, and considering there's STILL no proof that the "incident" happened to her, I admire you for having the balls to question the whole situation.

    Don't force yourself to apologize just because of the instant nerd rage responses your blog generated. You did the right thing in the first place by calling the bitch out.

  10. I'm glad you will continue writing this blog. You're one of the few interesting blogs out there atm. I just hope you don't fall in the category of blogs that put out posts just for the view counts like so many other blogs lately.

    I see a blog more as an internet diary (that's what it was before the name "blog" appeared on the internet). Write what you want to write about, being it wow gold related or you just want to vent a little and it'll stay an interesting blog.

  11. While I do think the post itself was untasteful I also dont think you really accused her of lieing or any shady behavior. I've stated that I dont believe she is lieing and I also believe that the internets annonimity will make people do horrible things.

    I do believe Alyzande was raped, I do believe she deserves a lot of compassion from people at this time--unfortunatly that doesn't happen on the internet. Mostly, because people on the internet get to be assholes because they are free from fallback.

    That being said, I think an apology wasn't needed since you didn't accuse her of anything. Should you apologize for anything I would say its being an imcompasionate person in regards to her ordeal.

    Just let her do what she is going to do at this point. If blogging about World Of Warcraft helps her I say let her do it. If in the end you by some grace of luck end up being totally right I will be right back here giving YOU an apology; however, I dont think that day will be coming anytime soon.

  12. I'm just here to offer a piece of advice: don't ever get mixed up in drama.

    You're getting unprecedented traffic to your blog this week, I'm sure, but it's not worth it. The traffic you're getting is non-compliant and your numbers will likely fall.

    Live and learn, my friend.

  13. Thanks for the comments all. Some nice some not nice but as per the other post, commenting is not restricted. The good thing about Critical's blog is he doesnt have to say anything he doesnt want to hence this is an honest apology, not forced.

    You are 100% correct Sterling regarding traffic. The stats show this happening as you described, actually very quickly. Immediately after one big spike, traffic returned to normal levels and actually dropping slightly probably due to losing some readers who promised they would stop reading (see blog stats, i have added an extra pic). There is no gain in readership and stats actually show a loss.

    I did not write a provocative article to gain view counts. I have always blogged about what is going on in the wow community as it is very isolated (and obviously super boring) to only blog about glyphs. However it was very clear that my delivery, sensitivity/empathy was poor hence the above apology.

    I know there will be readers who will always hate Critical no matter what, and I am fine with that. At least before you tell someone to also hate Critical, ask them to read the full story and my apology. For lack of a better name I labelled the 2 posts "Critical Pwned by Markco" because I admire how he was able to (even as a very disliked person in the wow community) get everyone lined up in a firing squad against me.

    I know I know I have mentioned Markco many times prior but I really am in awe of his blog pvp skills. Critical limped away with 5hp to use a wow geek analogy.

    Thanks Reader for reading.

  14. Apologise my Arse! Unlike anonymous commenter #1 I will put my name to my support of you.

    Has anyone supplied one spec of irrefutable proof that TGQ is this Brit lady in the news report?

    No. All we've had is anecdotal "I know her, it's true"

    I could just as easily put my name to it and say "I know her, it's BS"

    And even if she is then its quite clearly to anyone with english as a third or fourth language that the whole point of your original post was bashing the exploitation of the poor ladies blog while she is incapacitated for commercial purposes by the very people who claim to be her closest friends.

    I've gone into greater detail of my thoughts in my blog post: Tinfoil Hats. Subtitle: Just Because You're Paranoid Doesn't Mean The Bastards Aren't Out to Get You!

    But I'll re-iterate, the whole situation is bloody awful for the lady involved whether she is TGQ or not and any suggestion of commercial exploitation is grotesque.

    It's is Marcko's crew that should have been extra careful about sensitivities. It is they that should be apologising. Not You.

  15. An apology wasn't needed. You wrote what you thought and it wasn't a hate post. Therefore I support you.

    Keep on doing what you do.

  16. Why exactly are you apologizing? You did nothing more than call into question suspicious activity. The internet is a conman's paradise, being skeptical is justified.

    BTW - your opening line is a logical fallacy.


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