Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Critical's War (Day 4)

Critical's War on Terror! (Warning alot of work done today).

Actually we start with Day 3.5 halfway through the day (see below for night time Day 4):
Did status scan.
Found a hole dammit.

Dropped floor to 16g, Ceiling to 21g and
undercut to 6g (ie no more midpoint only
2 prices points)
Reset = Fallback, closes hole (do this once
every 3 or 4 posts)

Post up again glyphs on both alts.

Whilst opening mail, see suspicious double buys.
Checked mysales found the buyer.

Checked buyer on TUJ, doesnt look like hes buying
to relist.Probably sick of getting reamed for 200g a glyph
and decided to buy a few extra.

Sent incoming gold to Buyer.

Buy medium priced herbs (no cheap ones atm).

Squash herbs to pigments.
Automail out to secondary Maker.

Secondary Maker is a lvl 60 with inscription (450), high
enough to convert pigments into BF inks.
Automail out to Storage alt.
Day 4:
Hardcore camper =(

Ok so his floor threshold is around 19g at the moment.
No undercuts to my auctions at 18g and below.
Lets test it by cancelling everything at 17g and below and
posting floor wall at 18g.

3 days of sales.

Load up Inscription alt (Crafter) and open TSM Crafting.
Click the Restock Queue (have set restock level to 20).

Send sufficient (in this case all) bf inks from storage alt
to Crafter.

Visit ink trader and click the Autobuy button.


Follow the yellow brick road (aka Steps 1, 2 and 3).
Make mental note to buy and squash more herbs
even if have to buy medium/high priced ones.


  1. Excellent work. Really enjoying this. One question, is auto mailer smart enough to mail the appropriate glyphs while crafting to the correct alt? Or do you craft first and then select the auto-mail option?

  2. @Nigel- TSM allows you to choose what gets sent to which alt. Looking at his TSM he has made 2 groups of posting settings, and then you can just tell it to send the different glyphs to the different alts.

    @Crit- What is the mats cost of your original stockpile? I am guessing somewhere north of 75k.

  3. Critical, just an FYI, I have found that TUJ seller links are Capital sensitive. when looking up buyers I was unable to find them until I capped the first letter. instead it would just return me to the TUJ main page. Not sure if that happened to you but its worth mentioning just to be safe.

  4. Also I have noticed that your herbs are much more expensive than mine, 37g is medium for you but kinda outrageous on Kilrogg. I stop buying at 28g a stack unless im really getting low on stockpiled inks.

    17k in sales over 3 days is pretty crazy to me too.... I am flooring to 16g and only getting like 3k in sales a day max, havent restocked in a week things are so slow :(

    Lately herb prices have been going up, however I highly doubt my competitors are out buying me, and in fact they have definitely stopped undercutting me on a majority of the glyphs. Bottomless has flat out stopped posting for the most part, unless I slack off and leave an opening.

  5. @Nigel: TSM mailing and glyph crafting is perfectly tuned:
    1. craft the first glyph in the queue
    2. click automail ONCE
    3. keep crafting the rest of the queue with nil delay

    It will smart mail to the right recipients (never had any mistakes at all), as long as you keep crafting the queue with no/minimal delay.

    TSM mailing and gems on the other hand ... Sapu fixit pluz!

    @Pwn have a look at my response to Azz, let me know if u want to know more:

    @Al actually i noticed the same thing as well only recently, if u dont capitalize first letter it bounces to front page. Maybe its a new change. Thanks for bringing it up.

    And yes my herbs a bit expensive eh? The week before i started whiptails were down to 28g/stack ... and then after i started booom!

    But as mentioned in my Buying pics, need to resupply means need to resupply even if herb prices are not cheap. This is at the start anyway. Once past week 1, gold stash will be bigger, then can start buying early when herbs are "on special", rather than reactively when desperate which is the case now.

    Thanks for keeping up with the updates even though they are a bit messy!

  6. Thanks Crit, thats what I thought. I was trying to figure out how long it would take for you to become profitable. Rough guess is some time in week 2.

  7. Depends on definition of profitable i guess. If i buy/mill/recraft all glyphs back up to 20 (to match my starting inventory) and see if i am in positive, I am sure it will be positive because I have been selling at price points above craft cost.

    If we evaluate from an Accounting perspective, where the business owes me (the shareholder) 20 x 316 glyphs and 8 x 36slot bags, it may be a long way to go. I think this definition is probably more relevant to you guys trying to decide whether to invest in this sort of business model.

    I intentionally use my strengths to out-muscle competition, but i believe you can start out small (trainer only recipes, low inventory levels) and compete. This is because if you invest back into your business, it definitely gets stronger. Every day you get 2 new recipes and also extra gold (from profits) to buy more herbs and increase your inventory levels.

    Thats probably why i dont like flipping. Alot less certainty whereas in the above, if you reinvest you literally get better and stronger every day.


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