Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Best 28 Glyphs!

Last week Critical managed to sort out his sales data and finally figured out the actual worst selling 28 glyphs of all time. Holywarrior also asked how did I extract sales data into excel. Well I cant find the consortium link where someone created and shared a java jar program that does the extraction so I cant really do a How-To.

This is my nasty, simple way using mysales (bit lazy to learn TSM_Accounting):
- install and run mysales to collect sales data
- ready to extract data, then find the mysales.lua in WTF folder and cut and paste it somewhere else (which forces mysales to create a new empty file the next time i log into wow)
- use msconvert.jar program which converts the txt into csv
- open the csv file in Excel, use Txt to Columns and save the resulting spreadsheet as a .xls in Excel
- tada

Anyway thats not the point of today's post. Today is the opposite of last week, here are the best 28 selling glyphs! As an added bonus I also included a quantity sold column!
Showing the bottom 28 (highest selling) glyphs of the sales list.

(NB: the reason why the list only has 343 glyphs instead of 344 is because the two Glyph of Death Coils (DK + lock) are combined by mysales. /shrug)

For the super nerds who love google docs:
- Raw glyph sales June to Sep
- Totals June to Sep

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  1. Welcome back. :)
    I'd like to make a long comment but from your list it looks like I need to run and make a few glyphs that I overlooked.


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