Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Bad 28 Glyphs of all Time!

Ok Critical Readers (yes Azz this is for you), Critical spent a WHOLE SUNDAY AFTERNOON learning how to do pivot tables in excel to bring you this info so you better click this page 100 times and boost my page count.

Background info:
- Critical started selling glyphs around the end of May using 3 selling alts with 32 slot bags
- 3 alts x full bags means I could sell all glyphs, no discrimination
- I had all glyph recipes before starting
- All glyphs were treated the same, ie zero pricing difference between all glyphs (whether minor/major/prime, or popular or not). When I altered pricing, it altered for all glyphs
- At the end of September that was around the time I switched to 2 alts x 36 slot bags, and chose 28 glyphs to cut out from my glyph groups.

The above are total sales figures for each glyph and I believe is a true, completely unbiased representation of the worse 28 glyphs. I stocked and maintained a full stack of 20 Voidwalkers and literally made zero sales. The same with Soulstone, over those 4 months only sold a grand total of 61g. This is because I never looked at the profitability of single glyphs, trying to figure out which are "good" ones and which are "bad" ones. Time and energy was always spent focusing on building a better team: buying/making/selling.

I'll be honest, the 28 I originally informally chose to cut when switching to 2 alts at the end of September, dont all match the above. Some do, but quite a few I chose are actually better sellers that those 28 above. Not by much so its not a big deal but doing this data analysis has been a real eye opener.

Plus I finally learnt how to use pivot tables! Yea baby!


  1. This is interesting, I'll be sure to make sure all of these are removed from my crafting

  2. Pre cata time I was stockpiling a huge number of glyphs. I even bought glyphs that were below crafting costs. On top of a stock of 20, I bought about 40 voidwalker glyphs for 10s each.

    I lost gold on them when I finally vendored my stocks above 20.

    Voidwalker = vendor trash

  3. For sure you need to discard the glyphs used in levelling inscription. May be worth putting one 28 on another alt though and just posting for 48 hours at a time. Will allow you to see how the market is playing in those glyphs. You never know, some may become popular again.

  4. Can you show the number of glyphs you sold from those 28?
    How many did you sold total in those 4 months?

  5. More interesting still is how you acquired your data? I've tried to delve into beancounter and auctioneer lua/dat etc files but no luck.

    How do they do that?

  6. Maybe whit the MySales addon or similar.

  7. Mysales addon is most likely what was used (doing this now myself). I am trying to use an automated program but it has a part that's funky. Basically ran it but then had to copy/paste the data into a text file and then open that with Excel and I've got the raw part. Now to figure out how to combine those multiple lines of 'Glyph of X', etc.
    Oh, the program is called ms converter just pay attention to the part that says you need a trailing '/' in the output directory.

  8. /Blush Someone mentioned me in a post.

    Quick response to "How", if you follow the link with my name in it :D, you will see in the comments CG used MySales data exported to Excel.

    CG - Thanks for the follow up on the Bad 28. I am still in planning stages, but started crafting this week, plan on starting with the 2x2x2 strat you mentioned. As for my bad 28, I am still ironing out the details, but did take a good look at your google doc of your sales compared to mine.

    Thanks again for the detailed posts on the Glyph War. By far, this is the most in depth series I have followed in a while. Keep up the good work.


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