Thursday, 10 November 2011

Critical's War - The Gladiators!

So we've just passed Day 6 of Critical's War on Terror

It's time to follow some of Critical's own advice and look at who Critical is up against. I gotta say ... holy shitcakes. It used to be me vs Nafal and Shamanta only. With nobody smashing prices down and everyone doing the 1cp undercut game from 200g downwards, theres a whole new horde of scummy glyphers on Tich. Critical likes!!

What's Critical's short term goal? To convince my new buddies to do the poor Buyers on Tich Horde a favor and list their glyphs cheap below my floors. Or ... take a break from glyphs for a month and let the big boys play.

That's right. Critical is calling you out!

Lets do a quick list:
- Shamanta
- Nafal
- Sapy
- Boltage
- Discretetime <<<< LOOK HERE!!!
- Xorvus
- Outrun
- Gulddon
- Hottempered

First rule of Critical's Fight Club is identify the current Market Leader. You cannot take him down and take his place if you do not know who he is. A few weeks ago we would all have said Discretetime who had all the time in the world to 1cp undercut us all day long, but a solid 18g floor for all glyphs does not make for pretty sales:

Well then who is it now? As much as it pains Critical to say, its still Discrete dammit = (.

Hes a tough nut to crack. Oh well. The tougher the fight, the more content for Critical to blog about! You know when and where, see you tomorrow Critical Reader!


  1. More importantly - what is your real idea on the cost of inks. I think they cost about 4g (at least on my server), so 3*4 +.5 +ah fees = 13g floor.

    If you really feel that a blackfallow is only worth 2g, then a floor of 3*2 +.5 +ah fees = 7g; plenty of room left.

  2. He's buying Whiptail for 36g and cinderbloom for 27/28g (at least that's what the screenshots say), without using the infernos, BFI is around 5-6g, meaning Critical is loosing money right now.

  3. He's not losing gold. You forgot to take the value of the inferno ink into account.

    At 36g for whiptail that'd be less than 6g each.

    (36 - inferno ink value) / 6 = cost of blackfallow ink.

    According to TuJ the market price of inferno ink on Tichondrius goes for 20-40g. If he can get 20g per inferno then his blackfallow cost is only about 36 - 20 = 16 / 6 = 2.666... each.

  4. oh yeah, cost and worth are not the same thing Foo.

    It might only *cost him 2g to make ink but that doesn't mean they aren't *worth more than that to him. Obviously they must be worth more to him since he isn't selling glyphs for 6g.

  5. Actually Anon is the most right. Just a few quick clarifications:

    - embers are being destroyed ie not factored at all into costing (they're not actually destroyed, im just collecting them on an alt and will take a pic at the end of the experiment and then gift to buddy)
    - I am having to buy whiptails between 32g and 40g because i need to replenish stock at whatever the market cost (which currently happens to be a bit on the high side).
    - so if we average between 32 and 40, then yes im paying around 36g per whiptail stack, which if you destroy/discard/dump/ignore embers, equals to 6g per BF, which equals 18.5g per glyph
    - at the moment i'm selling glyphs at 24g and above so after tax thats 22.8g (24x0.95=22.8) less cost 18.5g = 4.3g, pretty sucky huh.

    The fantastically interesting thing is, even whilst "throwing away" embers/infernos and also paying a medium (semi high-ish) price for herbs ... my liquid gold which started from zero keeps going up nicely (as of writing this, liquid gold is 12.2k).

    PS: who are you anon, you did very well to calculate my BF cost and understand how close my glyph prices are to the breakeven / negative profit point.


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