Saturday, 5 November 2011

Critical's War (Day 1) - Updated


As per my own advice to Critical Readers: lets start with ceilings and floors over the next few days and see who and what is out there in the Tich (H) glyph game.

Today begins Critical's patent pending picture diary where a single picture paints a thousand words (which therefore does not need to be written by said author which in turn permits said author to read more gold blogs for pleasure). I make no excuses. You are going to have to think and figure out for yourself what is going on. Luckily for you Critical has been preparing a smashing treasure trove of reference material to help guide you through this long and windey journey ahead.

WARNING: IMAGE-HEAVY LOAD AHEAD. Enough with the disclaimers Critical, get on with the show dagnammit!

Calm ya horseys, here ya go!

Chicken's in the oven, time to let it cook.

Update: updated the TSM settings pic to show Advance/reset option.


  1. I'm excited to see how this develops :)

    Also its probably because I haven't slept in 36 odd hours but All the screenshots of green lines, I can't understand what its showing other than market average and everything you posted at 35g.

    I don't see any name twice soooo I'm not sure what I'm supposed to gather from the pictures.

    You can leave me in suspense tho :P maybe a weekly recap after your stats?

  2. I concur with Big Al, waiting to see how this turns out. I will say, following multiple screen shots is not easy, but it looks like you posted the top 315/316 glyphs x 4 between two toons using TSM Celing 35, floor 20, undercut 8. I am trying to get set up to do something similar but it is taking awhile to smash enough herbs to craft 316x20 = 6,300+ glyphs. Back to smashing herbs....

  3. This will be interesting to watch. The one part we don't see is the advanced setting on what happens when we see below 20g; my guess is post at 35g just to keep in tune with the theme here or floor/ceiling. Although since we probably want to reduce competition as well, it could be 20g until either the small fry goes away or just remains happy selling small pieces.

  4. @Nigel, have updated the pic so you can see that I forced glyphs to post at Fallback. I am only doing this for the first round of posts so that i get all glyphs up on the AH. Future listing sessions will be set at Do Not Post.

    @Azz u got it. Regarding the screenshots, they are in order of my AH routine:
    1. set TSM settings
    2. POST on 2 alts
    3. Perform a scan to evaluate effectiveness of the my price points.
    4. Half an hour later check TUJ to see effectiveness (similar to step 3 but delayed up to 1hr)

    @Al the status pics (aka green line pics) show whether i have got my floor and ceiling prices right and am the lowest (at time of the scan). If my name is only there for less than half the glyphs it means my price points are too high and not cheap enough. Yes the second thing to observe is competition pattern, look for repeating names and see how low they post. Figure out which ones are inscription leveling and which ones are serious glyphers.

    Now this is way more fun than the Casual Experiment!


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