Friday, 11 November 2011

Critical's War - Weekend Plan

Remember the 24g wall (of course you do it was only 6 hours ago!). As with my Critical War updates, that one was also time delayed approx 1 day.

Today Critical is going to do something different. He is going to tell you his plan BEFORE he executes. Did that make your eyes open? Get your pen and take notes, Critical is only gonna say this once (dont worry I wont remove this post I'm just kidding).

Ok so if you been keeping up to date and read the 24g wall post you will see Critical taking what looks like a defensive stance ie setting a non-threatening 24g wall. Critical is not driving prices down and chasing cutthroat sales (an aggressive stance). Most glyphers will see my 24g wall as a defensive plan. What they dont realize is, Critical is setting the stage for a nasty psychological attack.

Let Mentor Critical ask you the pro-glypher a question. On which days of the week have the most fiercest and aggressive undercutting? If you sell a million billion glyphs (or any other item for that matter), you know its weekends.

So for the next few weekdays Critical is going to maintain that wall around 23g to 25g and let the glyphers brawl underneath. The weaker ones will start to question GPH as I prescribed in the 24g wall post, because they're now fighting hard for crusty profits.

Then just before we hit the weekend, Critical is going to drop that floor and reduce profit margins again. Coupled with other nasty undercutters sitting at their PC all day, its going to suck selling glyphs.

Dont say Critical didnt warn you.

Hopefully I can convince everyone to stop listing glyphs, claim my title as King of Glyphs and end this experiment early. Only in Critical's dream, /sigh. That would be a nice title: Critical, King of Glyphs achievement earnt by crafting and selling a billion glyphs.


  1. So far your blog has gave me the courage to launch all out war on my Realm.. only a few more hours before DOOMSDAY! :)

  2. Heed the warnings tho. Start out small dont bite off more than you can chew!

    I've being doing exactly what I'm doing now for 5-6 months, the only difference now is i'm documenting and sharing it online. Hence it may look very easy.

    There maybe already a Critical on your server, who will pound you hard if you go balls out. Just be cautious thats all =).

  3. 2 parts in here that stil have me laughing...
    "its going to suck selling glyphs" and
    "pound you hard"

    just hillarious to me for some reason.

  4. I have been watching my glyph market and its all over the place.. no real controller or seller or buyers its just random joe blows.. so I think I can easily control this.

  5. I am trying to get setup to do this in my server, but the closer I get to having enough BF inks to craft my starting inventory, the more BORED I get with smashing herbs. Hopefully I will have everything readyto go in the next week or so.


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