Monday, 5 September 2011

Glyph Market Leader

Can everyone own their server's glyph market? Nope, only two (H/A) per server can claim that achievement.

Can anyone own their server's glyph market? Certainly.

That's what this blog is about. Teaching you how to be that guy and own your glyph market. It sounds like a hard goal. It is. But like everything else in life, nothing worth accomplishing comes easy.

Now let's start by defining "owning a glyph market". To Critical this means you are the market leader for glyphs on your server+faction or better referred to as being the Glyph Market Leader (GML).

How do you know you are your server's GML? Simple. Pie time!

You are the Coke/Nike/MacDonalds of glyphs. Being Pepsi may be good enough for some people but not Critical. 

Building on yesterday's post here is this blog's objective:

Teaching you, the faithful reader, to become your server's Glyph Market Leader.

Stay tuned! Critical out!


  1. Hiya.

    Stuffed if I know how to whitelist your comments, (you have been 'spam binned' twice).

    Very happy to see you writing your own blog.

    Let Fluxdada @ know

  2. Thanks Foo. Took me a while to settle on a layout and color scheme. Hope u like it.


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