Sunday, 11 September 2011

We all want to be like Mike

Foo again dismisses wanting to be a Market Leader. What he doesn't realize is that becoming (or remaining) the Market Leader is EXACTLY why we turn up to work at the AH every day. We all want to be the Market Leader in our markets.

How can I prove this? Let me try with 2 questions:

1. Do you pvp seriously on the AH to defend your market? Chances are you are a Market Leader already in those markets.

2. Let's say you are in a market where there is another Market Leader. If you could topple that guy would you be happy? If you say yes, BAM you want to be the Market Leader.

We all in some form or another strive to be the Market Leader, consciously or otherwise. 

Yes, that includes Foo the Dismisser.

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  1. I would be happy to make more gold. For me, this is more important than becoming market leader.

    Scenario 1 : Work in a niche market that has sales 6k/week, 5k is profit; no stress, little competition, 3 hours/week.

    Scenario 2 : Work on becoming market leader, sales 20k/week, 500g is profit, high stress, high competition, 30 hours/week.

    To become market leader, I need to work on Scenario 2. I want 4 markets of Scenario 1, not 1 market of Scenario 2.

    With just a few hours a week, I can keep the glyph 'Market Leader' at 500g/week profit for months, by bodychecking them.


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