Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Why Inscription?

The real question is, why not? Ok enough commenting on other blogs and back to business.

There are 4 profit centers for the Inscription profession (ignoring intermediary mats):

1. Glyphs
2. Mysterious fortune cards
3. Crafted trinkets
4. Darkmoon faire (hand-in) trinkets

Inscription is a unique profession where its profit centers are independent of all other crafting professions, meaning firstly they dont need support professions secondly they cannot be improved by other professions. A few examples:
- JC needs alch and vice versa (for meta/rare transmutes)
- BS needs mining
- Eng needs mining
- Tailoring needs enchanting
- Enchanting needs BS/JC/LW
- JC is improved by enchanting

Inscription is a completely standalone profession. I think LW might be too because lw armor and leg patches only use lw mats however this is purely an educated guess.

As you can probably guess, glyphs is the most important one to master. With 344 different glyphs it is also one of the hardest to learn. But Critical is here to hold your hand on your journey to being a Glyph Master.

Stay tuned for more Back to Basics.

PS: Just like Critical said here, here and here, epic gems wont come from pyrite and will actually drop in raids! Yay 1 internet point for Critical! Weeeee!


  1. Hey there Critical,

    I would just like to thank you for this bombardment of new information consents and ideas on ways to play the AH. Iv just gone through most of your posts and found them very informative and educational. I just my competition to be (im starting up my glyphing again with a vengeance) doesn't find your posts also. :D

    keep the amazing blog posts coming

  2. Thanks Reader, Critical's head just got an inch bigger.

    I think you dont have to worry about your competition reading me blog, sadly I only have 2 Followers and one of them is Foo =(. Oh wells.

  3. Make that 3 :D

    Iv been poking the market all day today. Pretty fierce on my server but just 3 people doing the old 1c undercut. Another big player has just logged on and is doing it a little differently posting (what Im guessing is hit whole stock) at once some 4,6,8 Im just sitting with the undercut by 1c posting 2 at a time, buying out any that there aren't many up of and resetting the price. So far so good.


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