Saturday, 17 September 2011

Social Responsibility?

Swoosh, Saffronia and deja commented on Faid's new post which was yesterday's breaking news.

The general gist of their comments are along the lines of "you know you're ruining the market for the other scribes".

Who's the real bad guy (girl) here? Faid who like Target is entering a market and supplying low cost, quality, warrantied goods to all Consumers. Or the little boutique shop used to  making $600 profit margins on TVs and now cries "you know you're ruining my business".

I say Faid is the socially responsible one here and these 3 should pipe down and stop ripping Consumers with their 300g glyphs. Yes Consumers hate us glyphers because of people like you. Thanks alot buddy.

1 comment:

  1. If people hate sellers...than go level your own inscriptionist. Lots have the profession few post. It can be time consuming with little sales unless you know what you are doing. Nothing wrong with selling at a price that buyers are willing to pay.


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