Monday, 12 September 2011

Blog Stats Week 1

Management 101: To measure how well (or poorly) you are doing you must monitor your performance. These weekly recaps aim to capture:
1. Blog stats
2. Things I have learnt
3. Things I would like to learn

Blog Stats:

The above is the stats as of 10 September, for last 10 days with 1 new post per day, starting with my first serious post. Don't fully quite understand what all the figures mean yet, maybe a pro analyzer can read more into them than me. All I see is 84 unique visitors. Yay my founding 84 Readers! You complete me. Please subscribe to my RSS feed (or Follow) for insightful, controversial, hopefully helpful posts daily.

Let's keep moving.

Things I have learnt:
- jump breaks help with Post View Count tracking and also with keeping front page tidy (thanks Bree)
- be respectful of (and to) all readers (Foo)
- the blog should have a purpose, which should be shared with readers (thanks Gevlon)
- agree on a posting schedule and let readers know (Gevlon again)
- have an opinion (GG)
- dont rush posts (GG)
- Google Analytics is great for getting a crapload of blog stats

Things I would like to learn:
- how to make this blog more workplace friendly ie so you the Reader wont get fired if you get caught sneaking a quick read
- how to make Posts autosize widths like Greedygoblin's does when you shrink or expand the browser window
- what feedburner does and can do (only just registered, hopefully should have some fun stats in the next few days)

To be honest I have no idea how to monitor blog performance, is there other stats you would prefer to see instead? Yes I am not tracking my own views.

Lastly, if you are one of my 84 Readers please post a Hi! Don't be shy, Critical promises not to bite. I would just like to personally thank you for reading my blog, that's all.

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