Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Independent Buyer/Maker/Sellers

This is one of the reasons why the Market Leader owns your market. He takes his buying, crafting and selling so seriously he sacrifices 1 character to handle each of these "jobs", maybe even 2 (or 3) for Sales.

1. Purchasing
- regularly checks the market and buys up all herbs below Peg* price
- adjust Peg price as median prices fluctuate
- combines into stacks of 20 prior to sending to Production
- buys buys buys, always ensures Production is never out of raw material supply

2. Production
- mass mill herbs into pigments
- mass craft inks
- talks to Sales and creates a craft queue based on missing (sold) stock
- mass craft glyphs
- mails glyphs to Sales team
- once a month mass craft infernos and darkmoon cards
- create decks and trinkets

3. Sales
- monitor and understand market (prices, competition, demand etc)
- set competitive auction variables (threshold, fallbacks etc)
- list auctions
- record sales data

- better organisation, raw material management and storage handling
- focused job processing

- 4 separate character slots dedicated to inscription (exception is Purchasing which can overlap for other professions)

/sigh the sacrifices Critical makes to "own the glyph market". Doesnt seem worth it does it. Ha! That's exactly what the market leader wants you to think, that your time is "valuable" and dont waste it on a low GPH market.

In the words of Bring it On: BE AGGRESSIVE, BE BE AGGRESSIVE.

*Peg price is the price you are happy to buy herbs at. Its called a peg price because you adjust it regularly (re-peg) to stay aligned to the market.


  1. There are other real advantages of seperating your crafting and purchasing/sales toons.

    My crafting toons are 85. I like to do things like raids and dailies with them. I certaintly dont want to be bothered with holding bulk mats and crafted items on these toons.

    I use my sales toons to do the purchasing. They generally have their own guild banks for storage, and already have the gold. It also minimises the number of toons I need to logon.

  2. Tsk tsk. Purchasing on your seller is the worst option. It should be done on your Buyer (so that you can focus on buy buy buy) or at least your Crafter so you have a queue of mats in mailbox to craft. Buying on your seller means you have a mixed inventory of mats and FG (finished goods).

  3. That sounds silly, why on earth would you want to separate them out? I tried that at first, but was a big hassle mailing back and forth, and the extra time logging off and on. I raised a DK to 75, and made them my glypher, with 36 slot bags (both herbs, and scribe), plus 26 slots for regulars and a maxed guild bank, they have more than enough space to buy, craft, and sell. I've "owned" the glyph market on 2 different servers for a year now (transfered half way for other reasons). I'm not seeing any downside to this method, all upsides. Its not like i'm searching through my bags to post with TSM.

  4. The difference is batch size.

    With an independent Buyer I can focus on buying up herbs below my peg (max buy) price. Buy buy buy, mass buy. Ready to craft, empty the herbs from mailbox and TSM auto-mail to Crafter. Result, a big bunch of herbs waiting in Crafter's mailbox ready to be processed.

    With an independent Crafter I start with empty bags, unload all herbs from mailbox until bags are full then mill. Mill mill mill, mass mill while watching the TV. Dinner time or bedtime? AFK make inks.

    My team:
    One main advantage is I could buy 1,000 full stacks of herbs and and process them into a Finished Goods neatly and efficiently.

    Your Team:
    If you sell on the same toon as crafting and buying, your mailbox will get clogged with:
    - herbs
    - unsold glyphs
    - gold from sales

    Imagine we both make bread. You do the mixing, baking and bagging in one kitchen. I do mixing, baking and bagging in 3 separate rooms. My mixing room focuses on mixing dough and feeds dough to the baking team, who focus on baking the bread and feeds to the bagging team, who focuses on bagging, tagging and packing bagged bread into bread crates ready for shipping. Crappy 10 cents profit margin only per loaf? So what, I am selling a bajillion loaves.

    Obviously you are saying a 3man setup is overkill for you and to maintain your ML status at the moment you dont need to. That's only until someone else does it. You should be that guy before that guy comes in.



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