Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Cashflow Quadrant

Most glyphers are an E or a S in the sense they mill, craft, sell and if their pay rate drops below a certain gold/hour, are willing to "quit" and restart work only if offered a good pay rate.

Critical runs his glyphs as a B. Systems are good. Employees are good. Now I know what you're thinking. No I don't hire out work to "employees". Anyway that's not the point. The point I am trying to make is that don't be fooled into working out your gold/hour rate and following the poor advice "stop and come back when its rainbows and sunshine" that Critical sees often posted on blogs and forums.

A good goblin will do two things:
- work out your GPH floor (ie the absolutely lowest GPH you are ok with but will quit if your GPH falls below this floor)
- make you sell at or close to that GPH or if he's ruthless, slightly below

Focus on your real goals. A good GPH rate is an "E" goal. If you have a "B" you will be much harder to get rid of.

Short, simple and to the point? You're welcome. Critical out.


  1. Even as 'B', you can have problems.

    For 1/3 of my time in glyphs, I have had others milling, posting and occasionally crafting on my behalf. Even when you do this, there is a chance that your employees will be seeking a greater gold/hour. The more they do for you, the more gold they want. Alternatively, there may be another 'S' player that is willing to work for 50g/hour. I have competed in the glyph market for 2 months with that player. He left, I am still here.

  2. Yup you're right about hiring out = bad.

    Maybe he's ok with 50, what about 40 or 30 or 20? Squeeze him to 10 will he be happy? Anything close to zero or in the red will make a "smart" S quit.

    My point is if someone has a goal of X/hr it's easy to counter. Don't be that guy,

    Maybe that's why he left because u squeezed him to 50.


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