Monday, 23 January 2012

Week 20 Blog Stats

Hola loyal Critical Fans still subscribed to my feed! And u other guys who keep coming back and boosting my page views even though there's been no new posts!

So anyway I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Years! Quick stats for the 7 days ending 21 January 2012.

I can see ya'll thinking, whats with the post all of a sudden Critical? Hmmm I guess reading some of the recent articles in TUJ (Vile's and Alto's to be exact) made me miss blogging. Plus I never really achieved a personal side goal of disassociating my blog with wow so that its not reliant on the monthly subscription, which my big bro Greedy managed to do ages ago.

So what does this mean? To be honest I'm not quite sure. But as I've preached many times over I know the first step has to be setting a goal. Detractors may disagree, but I felt I achieved my previous goal. Going forward there must be a new destination set for this blog's journey, no matter how absurd or ridiculous. Just fine tune as you go along when you start to understand strengths, weaknesses, possible high value goals to achieve, low value goals to avoid being distracted by etc.

How about:
"To be the most popular gold blog who's author blogs about other stuff not always related to gold making, does not play wow, and does not blog daily".

Hmmmm. No one said winning the internet would be easy! Give me a few days and we'll see what sort of non-wow related rubbish Critical can come up with.

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  1. It's always nice when you get a bit of motivation from other bloggers.

    When I get into a "rut" on posting, I read a book. Yes, an actual, physical, touch and turn the pages book. I know, old

    That usually gives me the motivation to start bashing my head on my keyboard and make a post.


  2. Woohoo more Critical to read!

    Welcome back!


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