Friday, 27 January 2012

Daily Blog Posts

Today's topic: Daily blog posts.

Below are some quick fire bullet points what Critical learnt while sticking to a daily posting schedule for 3 months and its advantages:

1. Less pressure on quality - if you do a bad post who cares, it gets pushed down in 24hrs. Your focus is on the next post rather than worrying whether readers loved your last post.

2. Smaller topics - easier to write, from an author point of view. Easy to read, from a reader's point of view.

3. Forces interblog interaction - no one has enough stuff to write without interacting with other blogs/authors. This results in increase viewership as readers from other blogs also read your blog, and vice versa returning the favor.

4. Increased subscriptions - if you post daily, even if your post quality is average, readers will read. All they want is new content to consume. Why? Think about when do you yourself read blogs. You dont do it as when you're working, as part of your job. You do it when you have free time and need to fill and kill time. Only if you get really lazy and really drop your quality do you lose readers.

5. Forces planning - in the same way we goblins in wow make lots of gold by having a good routine and sticking to it, so does posting daily. Create drafts early, finalise and schedule them to auto-post at the same time every day. Choosing a set time means you know how long you have to finish tonight's/tomorrow's post.

Think it sounds easy? Give it a go for a week, stick to a simple intro/body/conclusion format and I promise your readership will go up and up and up!

PS: See Croda's as a great example, he gets it. Well he did ... boooo Croda's girlfriend =).


  1. I thought you quit blogging? Or did you do that on purpose just so you could make a "comeback" and get attention? lol

    1. Damnit why are Critical Readers so smart and always figure out my evil plans. I did quit but I miss all the attention ya'll gave me back in the days of old, so I came back.


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