Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Blog Partner

A blog partner is another blog that your blog interacts with regularly, preferably mutually in both directions. A prime example is Tobold and Greedy. Another older and no longer active pair was Foo and Breevok way before Critical was conceived.

Why is it important to have a blog partner(s)?
Good question. Having a good blog partner increases readership because your readers can become his/hers and vice versa.

How do you choose a good blog partner?
Pretty straight forward, basically a blog that focuses on similar topics to your own. Its preferable to choose a "stronger" partner with more readership rather than a weaker partner, eg if you are learning to play tennis and Nadal happened to like you and spent time playing tennis with you, your game will improve much more quickly than if you played with beginners.

So who asks who out? Does the guy make the first move or what's the rules?
One of the easiest ways is as follows, which I learnt from my big bro Greedy. Firstly keep up to date with the partner blog's posts. When you see one that you disagree with, have an opinion BUT DONT comment on their blog. Instead create a post on your own blog sharing your negative/opposing opinion whilst linking to your blog partner. Here's a recent example. As you can see you dont need to have the complete opposite opinion, just disagreeing slightly is sufficient. Sooner or later the blog partner will somehow find you are blogging about them and hopefully return the favor starting a weird and wonderful internet/blog/crazy relationship.

You can do positive posts but to be honest that's a bit lame and gets boring and I think you'll lose readers.

Should I limit myself to one partner only?
No, some of the biggest bloggers have a massive network. But if you're starting off, start small. Choose one max two blogs that are very, very similar to your own and start interacting. Those of you that have been with Critical from the beginning know that my partners are Foo and Mox, chosen because they have a similar passion and competency of pro glyphing as myself. Faid and Jim/Flux pair up well because they both are skilled at media presentations (youtubes/podcasts).

I'm a small blog, what should I do?
Choose a stronger partner.

Ok what about if I'm a medium blog?
Help the little guys and partner downwards. Each one that partners back helps you a little bit. But every bit counts.

I'm a big blog, what's your advice?
How the feck should I know, you should be advising me!

So there you have it. Find your life partner now and make the link today. You'll thank me when your readership quadruples instantly!


  1. As an addition; choose someone you are happy to debate with. The best interactions (both personally - and from a number of page reads) came when I was disagreeing with another blogger.

    Sometimes the debates get a little rough. I play the ball not the player (well most of the time). By stating why your opinion is better, you can inform. Do write postitive, informative posts, but to drive extra traffic please disagree

  2. Well written and it's funny how you post this when my mind has come up with an interesting idea. I dislike disclosing things before hand and when I do I usually change plan, so time tells. Either way good stuff and I know that i've reacted on how Gevlon mentions Tobold often and has done it for so long. But I just can't seem to enjoy Tobold's blog nearly as much as Gevlon's.

    "Personality goes a long way" and for me that's the one and only thing that draws me towards some and away from others, especially when it comes to being associated.


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