Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Measure of a "Good" Blog

Some people are competitive, others are not. Some people are winners in life. Some are losers. Some people care deeply about anything and everything whilst others dont care at all. Whichever category you belong to, I am pretty you have asked yourself at one point in time, I wonder how my blog is doing?

If you're a noob like me, you'll be stumbling around having a good ol time trying to figure out this blog game because there is no "Become a Pro Wow Blogger in 30 Days!" program. So how do you know how well your blog is doing?

Here are a few of Critical's favorite measurements:

1. Monthly Pageviews - this gives a great picture of whether your blog is "improving". Blogger tracks, plots and even resets it monthly automatically! The only thing it doesn't do is iron my socks =(.
Click the red circles, especially the DO NOT TRACK MYSELF button.

2. Comments - what this indicates is whether your Posts are engaging enough to convince your readers to start or continue a discussion. If you dont get comments you either treat commentors badly (by deleting comments) or the content was only boringly interesting enough to perform a quick 3 second skim before shutting down the window.

3. Unique Visitors - this one is available in Analytics. This basically tracks how many theoretical unique visitors visited your blog in a chosen period (I like to choose 7 days). If your unique visitors count goes up it means more and more readers are reading your blog.

4. Feedburner reader count - not the most simplest to set up but this is probably the most consistent measure to use to compare against other blogs as well as self assessment. Basically it shows how many readers have subscribed to your "feed". The more the better.

So there you have it. Yes yes nothing new for the pros. But hopefully for the average non-blogging Reader the above is an interesting insight into the wonderful world of wow blogging.


  1. Time-on-site and Bounce rate are 2 important ones you left out.

    1. Yup those are good too and also had New vs Returning, Pages per Visit and other cool ones as well on my brainstorm plan. But didnt want to get carried away and ended up chopping the list down from 15 to my favorite 4 that were the easiest for noob bloggers like me to understand.

  2. Thanks Critical. Partly because I've enjoyed your blogs greatly I've done the stupid thing and started my own... ;)


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