Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Blogging a Passion??

Welcome to Critical's first post completely not related to his usual glyph ramblings!

So there I was, asking myself, what are the best topics to blog about, to achieve "success" in terms of blogging? What should be my new topic(s)? The obvious choices are either: what you are personally passionate about, or what you excel at. If you can hit the sweet spot that nails these two ... booya! Instant win!

Why do I say this? Look at the blogs that go from strength to strength to strength. Greedy, his blog does well because he is passionate about his topics. Same thing with Flux/Jim, Cold and Markco, they know (knew in Markco's case) exactly what they want their baby to become.

In reverse what about the blogs that die or slowly phase out, such as Critical's own blog or if you're an oldie you may remember Bangkok Bill. I dont think its because he/we lost the passion of blogging, more likely because we lost what we were passionately blogging about: the gold universe in wow.

So anyway, back to this blog. Hmmmm what is Critical super pro at and also loves, thats not glyphing and is still semi related my 89 subscribers? Blogging of course! Yes yes I'm a blog noob but 0 to 95 subs in 91 days, I believe is a decent achievement (actually I have no idea, there's no standards to compare against).

Its a huge tangent but hopefully not too many Critical Readers abandon ship during this change in direction. Hope you stick around for an interesting adventure!


  1. The problem is that you were much better at glyphing than you were at blogging. Glyphing is something that in a week or so, you pretty much know everything about, and are on par with the highest experts. WoW is not hard.

    Blogging, on the other hand, is much harder, and I do not think you hold the same expertise.

    1. Hmmm you are partly right, I am one of, if not the most pro, expert on pro glyphing. However I believe you are also partly wrong because it should only take a day to read through my blog entirely and become a pro glypher. Not a week. If it takes you a week you need to take speed reading lessons and stop reading every single word.

      PS: believing in yourself is the first lesson in Marketing 101. If you dont, why will anyone consider buying what you are "selling". So, if you dont like me declaring I am the most pro at blogging, I have a feeling this blog may not be for you.

    2. The thing is, you really are terrible at blogging. I don't mean to be rude, that's just the way I see it. You come across like a kid, it shows in your personality and lack of typing skill. If you want to share your knowledge, you need to do so in a much more professional manner. I don't mean that you can't have fun with it, just at least act and type like an adult.

    3. You do mean to be rude but thats ok. Bit hypocritical creating a character called Critical and then not be able to handle a bit of tough love criticism myself.

      I can understand the guy above you giving me stick, he just didnt like me declaring "I'm the best at blogging everyone else sucks the big one!" (probably I did go overboard with that one, sorry blogosphere friends).

      But after receiving your comment, I read and re-read the original Post 30 times and I just dont quite understand what you are referring to when you say my writing is childish. Is it because I threw in a Hmmmmm? Or the for-fun booya?

      PS: Handera you took the time to write an honest, cleanly written opinion using a non-anon account. You sir are the Perfect Reader that all bloggers wish to have 1,000 of. For taking the time to stop by Critical's, I sincerely thank you and hope you do stick around. Not just for the ups but hopefully through the downs.

      booya? Just kidding! /sigh why so serious pplz

    4. You really do have some serious psychological issues. I'll give you credit for one thing, though. The one thing you did that I really respected was having the balls to call out that Gold Queen idiot. Nobody else did, and for that, I would shake your hand if I could. Seriously, you did the right thing there and I agreed with everything you said.

    5. I think what anon and Handera are referring to Handera is your third person style and the appearance that the blog is sometimes just a log of you talking to yourself :P

  2. Thanks for the mention, link, and kind words, Critical.

    Every blogger starts off knowing not a damn thing about blogging, other than what we have seen on other sites maybe. More importantly, just like with making gold in WoW, you are constantly learning. No one knows what works or what doesn't until they try various things out and see what sticks. Every blog is a diffferent living & breathing entity. Each blogs readership, while some readers may overlap, is very different from the total readership of another site. What works for your site, may not work for mine, or for anyone elses.

    So you just gotta give new ideas a try and see if they stick. Blogging multiple days a week is a lot harder than most people truly understand. It gets even harder when you narrow your larger niche down to a micro-targeted niche, like Glyphs only instead of Gold Making in general, with a glyph specialty.

    So my best advice would be to branch out into new areas and see what works for you site and what doesn't. It's all a bunch of trial and error until you get a better understanding of what will keep bringing readers back and sharing your content with others.

    Thanks again, brother! Hope you find your new direction and you enjoy the path it leads you down.

  3. Oh PS:

    Start joining my monthly carnivals for a new fresh post topic each month that will help bring new readers and expand your creativity and writing!

    ~End shameless carnival plug~


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