Sunday, 9 October 2011

Cute Dog Pic

I have never been happy with the attitude on blogs "I'm the owner/author so I'm always right". Its equally as bad as "I have 10 million gold so you're wrong I'm right". Both make me frown like this little cute guy:

Only 47 readers but the quality of your comments are superb. Always thought provoking and often provide great ideas for new post topics. Over the past two days, due to Jafo and Auctioneer Theo's comments, Critical has repeatedly been asking himself:
1. Why did he never make and sell pre-cata Darkmoon cards/decks/trinkets and;
2. Why did he never buy pre-cata herbs even though they can sometimes be 1/4 the price

No quick snap, easy answers came to mind because if I was to redo my glyph wars again prior to gold purge I still would not spend time with pre-cata herbs and therefore pre-cata DM decks. After 2 days I finally understand why. Because my objective/goal was not to become a wow billionaire. It was to own the glyph market. Dealing with pure BF inks streamlines mass manufacturing required to replenish high volume glyph sales. Hence time spent on other herbs (even though cheaper), and other darkmoon decks (even though it is additional income) was better spent mass production.

Maybe Critical needs to look at his historical glyph sales and see exactly how many he was selling (and therefore recrafting) daily. But after the last darkmoon graphs ... I think it will be a while before I look at more raw mysales data.

Both comments provide excellent advice for squeezing extra gold from the AH. For that Critical must say thanks. 

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