Friday, 7 October 2011

Buy Cata Herbs Only

Another great comment from Faid which Critical interprets as asking: why only cata herbs? Why not pre-cata herbs?

Well Faithful Reader ... Critical is going to explain why you should focus on cata herbs only, to improve your Buyer (more specifically those 4 on the left hand side in the above pic). I know you're in a hurry so here they are in 5 quick bullet points:

- smaller snatch list for fast zip in zip out 2min shopping trips
- abundant supply
- buying increases demand which increases supply which lowers price (win/win/win no??)
- having 10,000 BF inks that can be converted into all the other inks by pressing a single [TSM_GATHERING BUY MERCHANT ITEMS] button, equals mega win when preparing a 1,000+ glyph restock queue (this is my favorite reason)
- 2 prices to learn vs 9

Whilst the 4th reason is my favorite (and borderline almost cheating imo), the important one is actually the last one.

2 Prices to Learn Vs 9
Let's say today you started to buy and sell shares with profit being your objective. This means you aim to buy and sell shares are "good" price points. Now let me place a further restriction on you. You can only buy shares in 2 companies: Apple and Google. In the first week you get your feet wet and you end up making a minor profit or loss or maybe a major profit or loss depending on what's going on around the world. The second week you start to feel a certain vibe in the air. In the fourth week your ears perk up when you hear about an Apple management restructure or a new Google social networking service.

A year later let's pit you (Apple and Google only) versus Joe Bloggs who buys Apple, Google plus companies A, B, C  through to Z. Who do you think will be more of an "expert" on Apple and Google shares? No brainer you of course because of one key thing: EXPERIENCE.

Focusing only on these 2 cata herb sets, Twilight Jasmine/Whiptail and Cinderbloom/Stormvine, will give you more valuable Buying experience than someone else that buys all herbs. Straight away when you see whiptails going for X gold you know its a good price (or bad) without thinking.

NB: yes there are situations where you do buy out pre-cata herbs. For example in your competition assessment you see that your competitor buys and mills all herbs so you snatch all up to reduce herb supply on the ah whilst at the same time raising the price line/level. But if you are Coca Cola you dont get distracted buying a few bags of cheap discount sugar for your syrup manufacturing. You buy mass sugar and pump volume. Even at $1 a bottle its basically liquid gold.

Oops forgot to include Rant incoming warning at the top. Too late made u look. Thanks Faid for a great post/rant topic.


  1. This sounds good but I think you are leaving out a great source of profit. That is the rare inks that can be made from lower level herbs that cant be bought from vendors. On my server Mages, Demons, rogues decks sell for 75-80 gold each. Level 60 and 70 trinkets sell for 800 gold each. Level 60, 70, and 80 decks sell from 1000-1500 gold each. Its sometimes easy to forget that glyphs are not the only way to profit from inscription.

  2. Not only that, but there are often times where something like Khadgar's Whisker will be selling for a quarter the price of Cinderbloom/Stormvine. Considering the fact that you will be invariably creating lower-level glyphs, you're spending 4x the amount on supply than what is possible.

    Personally, I buy cata herbs and a small variety of low level herbs. I do not scan for every conceivable herb (since as you said, it would greatly increase the time spend on the AH). Rather, I scan for herbs that typically have large supply and low price just from past dealings. Spending 10 less seconds scanning 3 fewer items does not justify passing up on supply @ 1/4 the price.


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