Thursday, 6 October 2011

How-To Mass Mill

Remember the Business Team (buy/make/sell). This comes under improving your Make procedure.

With the following setup I can mill semi-afk while catching up on Dexters or something equally intriguing and go from:

Well guess what?? Now you can too! Here's how!

Download these 2 mods:
- I Hear You Whisper (no setup required)
- Mail Opener

How this works:
- create a mill macro and drop it into an action button
- assign mouse scroll up and mouse scroll down to that action button
- equip your biggest normal bags possible (currently 4x Illusionary bags)
- buy 200 full 20-stack herbs (or send them from your Buyer) to this character
- download (for a lack of a better word) herbs from mailbox and use Mail Opener to force 4 slots to stay empty in your bags. There should still be around 50 left in the mailbox.
- make sure I Hear You Whisper addon is on and your speakers are up. This will make a noise if anyone whispers you so you can reply cheerily YES I AM HERE NOT GOING MENTAL PRESSING THE SAME BUTTON OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER ...
- open mailbox and tick Mail Opener then click Config
- under General tick "Continue trying to open mail after your bags are full"
- under Open All set Keep Free Space to be 4
- open and keep your mailbox open (this keeps Mail Opener running and when space frees up it will pull down new herbs)

Here's the fun part. Run 20 USB extension cords so that you can sit in front of the TV with your mouse in your hand while your PC is 100 feet away. Now start MOUSE SCROLLING! As you mill you will free up space. If you set up Mail Opener correctly, it will keep pulling herbs down to fill up these empty slots however it should make sure that you always have at least 4 (sometimes 3) empty slots for pigments.

End result:
30 minutes later, 5 bags full of phat pigments. Jump back on PC. TSM automail out to storage alts, bam bam bam 5 seconds all pigments gone. Go to line 1.

Now if only I could get TSM's automail feature to be a little more patient and wait an extra 10 seconds before Finishing auto-mailing. That would be the ultimate setup, Mail Opener auto pulling down herbs and TSM mailer auto pushing out pigments. PHWOAR.

PS: Sapy dont you dare implement this feature for yourself and not share. I will smash all glyphs to 10g. Well actually I wont because you will buy me out again. Anyways, thanks Reader for reading. Have fun crushing a million herbs!

PPS: theres a guide on the consortium forums that lets you crush herbs and ores in the background whilst typing/surfing but the forums are down for maintenance, cant link that post. Do a search for AutoHotKey when they back up.


  1. What mill macro are you using, is it one you created yourself will all the herbs in it or is it /cast mass mill?

  2. I think it's:
    /cast Milling
    /use Whiptail
    /use Cinderbloom
    /use Twilight Jasmine
    /use Stormvine

    Something like that. KISS.



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