Wednesday, 19 October 2011

GPH vs FPA ... WTF?

Critical loves acronyms. Almost as much as bait. Foo defends basing his decisions on GPH, which is almost is irresistible to Critical as glyph discussions.

Imagine Critical is the bra-less lady in the mac ad. Let me free your soul and introduce you to FPA.

FPA stands for (surprise!) Fun Per Action. Critical does not want you to have a second job when you get home and crank open our wonderful world of wow. Base your decisions on the amount of FPA you receive, not for the amount of gold churnable per hour.

This one of the reasons for burnout/wowquit, because alot of you/us/me do things in wow that is not fun to us, but we do it because it increases our GPH which we blindly think a higher value is better to have. If your goal is to have a mil liquid then by all means go hard as Critical always advocates setting a goal and striving towards it.

The better question to be asking yourself instead of Foo's is: Given my limited play time in wow to do anything (including and not limited to, making gold), what is the most fun way I can enjoy my $15.

I say this because I am sure all Critical Readers have liquidity of at least 100k. How much really do you need for repairs, gems, chants etc. Having half a mil liquid was giving Critical nightmares worrying about loss income because he wasnt snatching up raws and crunching them into finished goods. Gifiting it all away meant I could start from scratch and enjoy what I think alot of goblins enjoy doing. Starting with $1 and by playing the AH to see how far you can get.

Really Mox, what are you going to do with 3 mil. Critical challenges you to gift it all away. I bet you will have some very interesting topics if you do.


  1. What 3 mil? It's 5 mil now... Or close enough to call it 5 anyhow. Mine... All mine.

    And FPA is one reason why I do gems first, gems are just more fun even though they're so heavily camped.

  2. Nice moxnix. I slowed down myself as I am hitting 3 million. It would be higher but there were too many tcg mounts to buy both for me and my sons. I still would use gph. Sure it may be fun but for gold making gph is a better criteria in my view. And just as an aside. To get millions you don't have to work hard. I make as profit 10 to 15k a day in 15-30 minutes of posting. It is all in timing for buying and selling without camping.

  3. Hi critical! I am going to play devils advocate on this one.

    I totally get and agree with FPA, I have hit the burnout wall several times in the past and taken several month break from the game. If you are paying to not have fun, you are doing it wrong.

    HOWEVER, I think I'm fairly justified in saying that GPH is still a critical number, atleast for this audience. Goblins have fun while making gold. make more gold, have more fun.

    The key is to find a balance. Don't make wow a second job. Don't do things to make gold that aren't fun to you. I thought selling pets would be fun make for a great secondary market. I sure made alot of gold but it was miserable keeping track of things and getting restocked.

    Keeping Balance. right now my GPH is trash in the glyph market but im having buckets of fun trashing the prices so it's all good right now.

  4. I am starting a new WoW charity called the "Robin Hood Foundation". Please feel free to "gift" us with any amount of gold and we will see that it gets put to good use. Thanks, Jafo :P

  5. Jafo - that charity already exists. It's called 'Fireland Dailies inc'

  6. /sigh Foo, Midas, Al, Brent ... Critical knows when hes outvoted. Guess GPH won that battle. Gotta admit, FPA is a cool sounding acronym no?

  7. (Apologize for any typos, netbook keyboards are tiny.)

    I think the preference of GPH vs FPA will largely depend on what a player's goal is. There was a time when I didn't care how much time I had to spend I just wanted to get goldcapped. Because my goal would be a direct product of a high GPH this stat interested me far more than FPA.

    However my goal now is less about reaching that magic number and more about enjoying myself and so now my GPH aspirations are out teh window, entirely eclipsed by my desire to enjoy what I'm doing.

    So I think GPH and FPA both have their places and a gold-maker, depending on their goals and motivations, will probably gravitate towards one more and may experience both at different times.

  8. I agree with Faid, and somewhat with CG. With limited time to play, regardless of the amount of limited time, each player has to choose what he/she wants to do during that time. Initially, I was all about making gold, and once I hit a goal of mine, I slowed way down in gold making. I raid more, I buy things more, I give away more, etc. For me, it is all about what is fun for me. Somedays it is making gold, others it is leveling new toon. To each his own.


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