Saturday, 15 October 2011

Golden Ratio

Snazzy title? You heard it first here @Criticals.

Ok I have updated yesterday's post slightly and titled it Critical's infernos. It was suppose to be an insight to why Critical uses the equation i=10b not why you should use the equation i=10b.

The thing I love about Critical Readers is that you provide exceptional insights to how other professional glyphers operate. Because of yesterday's great comments we all agree on the same thing. We all have a golden ratio. The difference is Critical has a ratio of 1:10, Foo has a ratio of 1:4.5 and so on. But the fact is ... we all have our own golden ratio!

Now remember, we have to ask ourselves how this applies to achieve our goal of glyph domination. Simple! If I can get a "better" ratio than my competitors, I win! Remember there are more ways to skin an inferno cat. Selling infernos imho provides the worse ratio possible. Converting it into something slightly more valuable increases this ratio. Well dont stop, keep going until you cant go no more. Then you have the best ratio possible on your market/server/faction/town/country.

Every day I am amazed by our discussions. You guys rock my world.

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