Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Faid's Exit Strategy

This is not the post you are looking for. Nah just kidding it is, I just wanted to say that.

How can Critical resist a pretty damsel in distress (even if she is actually a sexy metro belf). He can't if she says the magic word (PS for new Readers it's glyphs baby yea!)

Always understand goal/objective. The feeling Critical is getting is Faid would like an exit strategy that minimizes her losses as much as possible.

Posting all inventory at 20g and hoping for a white knight to buy them all out in 1 hit is highly unlikely. Everyone will just continue to undercut and sell below this ceiling. Repeatedly reposting at 20g will also not achieve the desirable goal of converting all glyphs into cold hard cash.

To exit you need to sacrifice time or gold, you cannot have both. This means you either:
- post all at 10g and sacrifice gold but at least most if not all will get bought, saving you time or;
- post all at 20g and sell slowly sacrificing time but maximizing gold

Maybe you're here for the super battle retake all glyphs plan. Sorry that was just a bait and switch, today's is an exit plan (please dont hurt me). Now, Critical recommends an orderly exit, not a fire sale, by conducting your exit in stages. The plan is based on the following assumptions:
- Faid's inventory currently comprises of all glyphs x 13 or thereabouts
- she wishes to reduce all glyph inventory to zero
- she wants to maximize cash out

Stage 1:
- on paper set yourself a restock level of 9 glyphs ie if below 9, recraft/restock
- threshold 15g
- fallback 30g
- undercut 10g
- post qty 3
- duration 48hr
- post and restock to 9 for a week

Stage 2:
- lower your restock level (on paper or in head) to 5 glyphs
- threshold 14g
- fallback 25g
- undercut 6g
- post qty 3
- duration 48hrs
- restock and relist for another week

Stage 3:
- reduce restocking level again this time to 2
- threshold 13g
- fallback 20g
- undercut 5g
- post qty 3
- duration 48hrs
- restock and relist until all your inventory is reduced to 2 glyphs

Now with a glyph stock of only 2 per, u have choices:
- list em cheap @12g just to cash em out
- do 1cp undercuts and hope to get lucky with a few high sales
No harm either option, at this point you will have some nice cash in one hand and a significantly reduced glyph inventory in the other, to "deal" with.

It takes a little while but the advantage is you dont sell out of popular glyphs and find yourself stuck with slow movers (which can cause desperate glyphers to do desperate things such is give up whilst holding a tonne of stock or list at super low prices). Think of it as an organised retreat giving up territory gradually at your pace and at your cost. Above are suggested price points, adjust to whatever helps you achieve your goal.

Hows that for exit strategy! Greece should hire Critical as a Default Advisor. But they better not pay me in Euros.

PS: guess whos in the finals ... GO THE ALL BLACKS! Look at Cooper grabbing nothing but air, simply magnificent:

Yup say hi to Kiwi Critical. Sorry Foo and Bree, need a tissue?


  1. Seriously - why should Faid exit?

    I think you underprice glyphs. You think I overprice them. Regardless; both of us agree that 30g is at least 40% profit.

    Now, if Faid is exiting because of Gold per hour (i.e. he can make more gold elsewhere) I understand.

  2. Up to Faid. Like you say exit is not always a bad thing. We can only speculate.

  3. Hehe, I love that the photo is of a girl in bondage. It amuses me.

    Anyways, definitely something I'll fully consider. At first I was confused about why you'd say I should be restocking to 9 and such when I was trying to get rid of glyphs, but your reasoning at the end was sound. I'll definitely consider this when deciding my final plan.


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