Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Life of a Casual Goblin - Day 1 and 2

Ok its only been 2 days now but time for a quick update to the Casual Goblin project:

Day 1
- immediately changed stack size from 2 to 1
- spent the whole day relisting as I would get undercut within 5mins by 5 different glyphers
- caved in at the end of day 1 and reneged on my promise to let glyphs die naturally. Cancelled all undercut auctions as I relisted so often that I used up the entire 20-stack for half my glyphs and needed to get those undercutted glyphs back into my bags.

Day 2
Glyphs sold in 2 days: 282
Total sales: 26,069g
Number of relists: 36

Average sell price per glyph: 92g
Average sales per relist: 724g
Banked gold: 26,069g

Sales are very good, but this came at a cost of continuously relisting throughout the whole 2 days. I counted every time I did a full relist on both chars and noted 36 relists because there are 5 live campers undercutting very quickly. Now I understand the motivation of campers a little more. They spend more time selling, less time buying and crafting.

Next step is obviously recraft those 282 sold glyphs. Easy peasy.


  1. At the moment my aversage sales per glyph relist are 500g alliance, 1.3k horde.

    I am currently posting 1-2 times/day; 4-5 days/week.

    I have the opinion that 48 hour glyph auctions suppress prices; 12 hour auctions allow them to rise

  2. I miss getting that much from glyphs.

    I mean, uh, stay strong, Faid, stay strong! xD

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