Monday, 23 July 2012

Week 46 Blog Stats

For the 7 day week ending 21 July 2012:

I guess ya'll wondering why Critical's back. No special reason, just missed you smelly lot and reactivated wow to join my guild's weekly wed/thu DS raids. Have wasted many a lunch break trying to decide what direction to point this blog. The bad thing about being on TUJ's front page is you gotta perform. The good thing about not being there is if your writing sucks no one cares. But there is the nice free publicity though, that's always a bonus. I definitely commend those writers that have the courage to sign up. Critical is not that brave.

I could give Eve another go. Never made it past the first week but that was quite a few years ago. Foofy and my big bro Greedy make it sound so interesting.

I could work backwards and create beginner tutorials for noob scribes like TSM for first timers, how to get started with glyphs etc but even without paying for and seeing Croda's guide I am already confident he would have this covered quite a lot of good stuff already.

I could fill in the gaps in advance strats eg how to setup bags on a BF ink holder alt to maximise craft queue efficiency or even more details on the craft queues themselves.

I could also put glyphs to one side, load up my dormant JC'ers and blog about the adventures to becoming the Gem Market Leader. Or try belt buckles for fun.

At this point I cant really promise anything and I know thats going to be bad for readership. Stick around anyway, it's always a good read at Critical's (I hope!).


  1. You should give Eve another go, it's better now than it was a few years ago.

  2. if you want to give an unbiased review my Inscription Gold Guide (the paid version) then as an established gold blogger i will send you a free copy.


  3. Sure Croda, Critical would love to cast his Critical Eye upon your guide. I think my email should show up in Profile.

    Mox do u play Eve?


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