Friday, 20 July 2012

French Fries are Like Glyphs

The one thing you can be sure of in the wow blog world are great comments on Critical's blog. Always well thought out and and nice to read (well most of the time).

So anyway, there I was asking myself why does Critical go to so much effort just for glyphs when everyone else thinks its crazy to have such a setup. Don't get me wrong, the Super Glyph Shuffle is real not just a theoretical "if i had 6 spare chars what would i do". Its actually what Critical does.

Let me introduce the humble MacDonalds French Fry:

In Australia and NZ you can get a small packet of french fries for $1, piping hot, cooked and salted to perfection using (IMO) quality ingredients. YUM! The question is, how much would it cost you to make this little packet of fries yourself. Its rediculous!

Firstly you gotta buy potatoes, salt and cooking oil (lets ignore the paper holder). Secondly you need to gain access to a deep fryer. And lastly your time to peel the potato, carve them up into perfect little fries, cook and salt. This in countries where our minimum wages are around $16.00 (Australia) and $13.50 (NZ). Also keeping in mind this is the price of unskilled labor. Not average, not median. Unskilled labor! So for you the average smart Critical Reader you're talking $25-50/hr.

My point is MacDonalds can make a profit with french fries and other similar small cost items. They sell Apple Pies for $1 too! There's probably even more work involved to make your own equivalent Apple Pie than French Fries! You gotta skin the apples, dice them into chunks, cut out the pastries, press em, cook em. Mmmmmm I'm getting hungry.

Hmmm ok where was I. Oh yea! Three points:

1. Somehow they make a profit at $1.00
2. It is profitable because they somehow pushed the cost to make this product below $1.00
3. High volume manufacturing wins the glyph game.

The End.

Oh and hi Jim =).


  1. Damnit. Blogger you fail me again!

  2. Gotta be careful about the mass buying since we're close to the 5.0.x patch. Try and convert some over to lower level inks unless you like being left with buttloads of BFI and only one glyph that uses them.

  3. That is true. Mass glyphs I believe is still an ok bet going into the expansion.

  4. I love the concept of bulk, but live on what (until the other day) is a small population server. - We just became welcome new players - and are now getting an insight into what may come with the new recruits from MOP.
    ATM there just *isn't* a market for bulk sales. I'm one of the few who sells glyphs consistently. I've lived through walling (and walled when necessary) and keep my ink costs around 3g. - high end glyphs 160-200g so it is a profitable market for me, even tho I only sell a small qty daily.

    Any thoughts or suggestions on what to do when high volume manufacturing has no market? That seems to be my server situation currently.

  5. thanks for sharing.

  6. I'm not even trying to get into the glyph game. My server is a medium population server and I'm lucky if I sell one glyph a day. I guess it could because most people already have the glyphs they need.


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