Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Z-Man's Baby Scribe

Critical is Z-Man's blogger alt! Who would've thunk!

No, not really. But its nice to know Critical's setup is not far off how one of the oldest and bestest pros in gold-making does it (that's assuming Z-Man = Zamboni?). And yea ok the term Baby Scribe he made up not Critical. But you gotta admit, its much more catchy than Secondary Maker. So that's what we're going to go with today.

Only 2 lessons today. Short simple and to the point, that's why you love Critical's blog right?

1) What is a Baby Scribe?
A Baby Scribe is a level 65 with 425 Inscription (yes I know my post last year said lvl 60 my bad).

2) What does a Baby Scribe do?
Sits at a quiet mailbox, empties out Ashen Pigments from mailbox into big Inscription bags and then AFK crafts Blackfallow Inks (see pic below for the visual). After that, you can hold the inks until needed or you can automail to another holding alt.

And that's literally all there is to it. Let's get back to our discussion on Z-Man. How much gold do you think he has? I'm guessing he's one of the few goblins with 10mil. I admit Critical only focuses on glyphs and cards whereas I know Z-Man dabbles in everything.

So what is it? What's your secret number? Spill the beans Z-Man! For the love of my blog! Tell us!


  1. I just recently found your blogg, and I really enjoy reading it and learning more about the glyph market :)

    Up untill 6 months ago I was foccussed on any marked besides glyphs, felt like to much work... But now in the down time between the expansions, I am taking the time to get to know the glyph market, and fill guild banks with ink in hope to earn gold at the start of MoP :P

  2. Happy to help. Don't use my aggressive strats at the start of MOP though. You can only be aggressive if your replenishment supply is there, which it won't be at the start.

  3. Yeah thats true!
    I am taking this time to read and learn:)

    And I saw yesterday that one of the regular glyph seller is starting to do a "wall" at 15g each...
    I take it as "he has noticed me", guess he is trying to flush me out :P
    So atm I am buying all the glyphs (besides the really worthless) since this is basically cheaper than the crafting cost :)

  4. Normally I advise against buying competitor glyphs but this close to expansion good idea. Just don't buy "bad" glyphs.

  5. a 15 gold glyph wall indicates that stacks of herb are going for no more than 30 gold. otherwise the competitor is dumpting glyphs to get rid of them or is trying to take market share by knocking another participant out of the market.

    Personally, if they are being sold below crafting cost then i would be buying them from him to stock up (at least the ones that wont be lost in Mists of Pandaria).

  6. I am not as experienced as you guys in this. But it didn´t feel like I used gold I could not afford loosing, this way I won´t have to craft some of these glyphs :)

    I am waiting alittle now, because I see players are undercutting these prices, so it is not down to 10g and less on some glyphs

    I have bought herbs to craft ink for a price of 5-6gold max for months. And thats when I find deals in the morning or weekends.
    (meaning i usually pay less than that)

    So unless things change now when we have a release date I "calculate" each glyph to cost around 15 gold ink-wise

  7. If you dont have a lot of glyph sales experience just be careful you're not overbuying or overpaying. We're all stockpiling because we've been selling glyphs for a long time and know how demand will spike because of new alts, and how supply will plummet because we wont get access to ink trading early in the expansion.

    Still in saying that, stocking a full stack of each glyph is not a bad idea if they are "cheap".

  8. And it doesn't matter how cheap those voidwalker glyphs are; they won't sell anyway.

    1. Oh, you can get rather clever with those and use em as bait for inexperienced seller resets and as a way to waste their ink.

  9. Thank you guys for the advices! :)

    I am backing of from buying his glyps for now, foccusing on inks..... Got about 1 guild tab of each ink type so far, gonna spend these last couple of months to get more.
    Hopefully I will be able to get in on some action when MoP hits :)

  10. I'm glad you're back! I stumbled upon you again today and did a double take... I missed you :)


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